US Vet Source

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Serving Veterans and Their Families


What is PTSD?

From "It's All Local" by India Rose

The Bald Eagle Ranch and Conference Center has now been Transformed to The "Warrior Outreach Center and Ranch"





US Vet Source (USVS) reflects the vision of Dr. Mary Beth Williams and her 25+ years of counseling veterans and others who have experienced trauma (PTSD and/or TBI). USVS is a non-profit (501-C-3) 23 acre property with house that is now a conference center and other buildings designed to, provide a variety of workshops, conferences, trainings, programs, veterans' interventions, and special events at the Warrior Outreach Center and Ranch located just 1 1/2 hours southwest of Washington, DC.


The vision is to develop and implement ways to supports the transition and employment process of Vets/Guard/Reserve Members and their families during their return into civilian life from combat within Iraq and Afghanistan and other military engagements as well as to provide services to veterans of other wars.


The mission is to provide specific support services for the transition of Vets/Guard/Reserve Members into civilian life and gainful employment. and to assist other veterans with life crises.  US Vet Source Inc.'s services are an integrated, multi-dimensional process designed to help veterans maximize their achievements through, as  a focal point, vocational, educational, recreational, spiritual, and behavioral activities at The Bald Eagle Ranch & Conference Center.


  • Conduct Vet Transition Workshops™ on a monthly basis to support veterans as they move past their "Bogs of War".
  • Conduct quarterly conferences that support veterans and families during the broader transition into civilian life which help them to implement strategies to accomplish life goals.
  • Conduct continuing education workshops for clinicians and counselors who deal with PTSD and TBI.
  • Maximize the total resources of The Bald Eagle Ranch & Conference Center through the use/teaching of farming, Equine Therapy, and other outdoor activities.
  • Develop strategic relationships with members of the military, Veterans Administration, Veteran Service Organizations, and other stakeholders to broaden the reach of the US Vet Service, Inc.'in assisting  veterans of all wars and their families.
  • Develop and implement a long term evidence based research protocol to evaluate the program and identify elements for improvement with the intent of creating  appropriate service development and assist the  broader veteran's community..  An additional goal is to publish the results of that research.


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